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,ElectronicsComputersPanelpromoIDnavsaelectronicscomputers,templatenameitemList,dataElectronics, Computers Office,items[Electronics,items[TV Video,TelevisionsVideo/b/refnav_shopall_tv?ieUTFnode,Home Audio Theater,HomeAudioElectronics/b/refnav_shopall_hat?ieUTFnode,Camera, Photo Video,CameraPhotoFilmCanonSony/b/refnav_shopall_p?ieUTFnode,Cell Phones Accessories,cellphonesserviceplansaccessories/b/refnav_shopall_wi?ieUTFnode,Headphones,HeadphonesAccessoriesSupplies/b/refnav_shopall_headphones?ieUTFnode,Video Games,computervideogameshardwareaccessories/b/refnav_shopall_cvg_ce?ieUTFnode,Bluetooth Wireless Speakers,MultiroomDigitalMusicSystems/b/refnav_shopall_bluetoothwireless?ieUTFnode,Car Electronics,CarElectronics/b/refnav_shopall_gps_ce?ieUTFnode,Musical Instruments,musicalinstrumentsaccessoriessoundrecording/b/refnav_shopall_mi_ce?ieUTFnode,Wearable Technology,b/refnav_shopall_wear_tech?ieUTFnode,Electronics Showcase,electronicsstore/b/refnav_shopall_elec_hub?ieUTFnode],Computers,columnBreak,items[Computers, Tablets, PC Products,computerpchardwareaccessoriesaddons/b/refnav_shopall_basedevices?ieUTFnode,Monitors,MonitorsComputersAccessories/b/refnav_shopall_monitors?ieUTFnode,subFor computers, laptops lets,Accessories,ComputerAccessoriesSupplies/b/refnav_shopall_compaccess?ieUTFnode, Networking ,NetworkingComputerAddOnsComputers/b/refnav_shopall_networking?ieUTFnode,Drives Storage,MemoryCardsExternalStorage/b/refnav_shopall_storage?ieUTFnode,Computer Parts Components,PCPartsComponents/b/refnav_shopall_components?ieUTFnode,subDownloads, subscriptions more,Software,designdownloadbusinesseducationsoftware/b/refnav_shopall_sw?ieUTFnode,Printers Ink,PrintersOfficeElectronics/b/refnav_shopall_printers?ieUTFnode,Office School Supplies,officeproductssupplieselectronicsfurniture/b/refnav_shopall_op?ieUTFnode,Trade In Your Electronics,ElectronicsTradeIn/b/refnav_shopall_trade_in_elec?ieUTFnode]],accountListContenthtml

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Our top reviewers have helped millions of their fellow customers make informed purchase decisions on Amazon with their consistently helpful, highquality reviews. The Top Reviewer Rankings showcase our best contributors at the moment, while the Hall of Fame honors those who have been highly ranked in previous years. Take a minute to explore the reviews written by these customers. They will inspire you. Learn more

,BeautyHealthPanelpromoIDnavsabeautyhealth,templatenameitemList,dataBeauty Health,items[Beauty Grooming,items[Mens Grooming,MensGroomingProducts/b/refnav_shopall_men_grooming_T?ieUTFnode,All Beauty,BeautyMakeupSkinHairProducts/b/refnav_shopall_bty_T?ieUTFnode,Luxury Beauty,LuxuryMakeupSkinHairBeautyProducts/b/refnav_shopall_luxury_bty_T?ieUTFnode,Professional Skin Care,b/refnav_shopall_pro_skin_T?ieUTFnode,Salon Spa,b/refnav_shopall_salon_spa_T?ieUTFnode],Deals Prime Exclusives,iderBefore,items[subUp to off, free shipping, and more,Subscribe Save,SubscribeSave/b/refnav_shopall_HB_subscribe_save?ieUTFnode,subEveryday essentials in everyday s,Prime Pantry,PrimePantry/b/refnav_shopall_HB_prime_pantry?ieUTFnode,Sample Boxes,sampleboxes/refnav_shopall_HB_sampling,Coupons,Coupons/b/refnav_shopall_HB_coupons?ieUTFnode,Amazon Elements,AmazonElements/b/refnav_shopall_HB_elements?ieUTFnode,iderBefore],Health Household,columnBreak,items[All Health Household,healthpersonalcarenutritionfitness/b/refnav_shopall_H_HH_T?ieUTFnode,Vitamins Dietary Supplements,VitaminsandDietarySupplements/b/refnav_shopall_VDS_T?ieUTFnode,Household Supplies,HouseholdSuppliesProducts/b/refnav_shopall_HH_T?ieUTFnode,Health Care,HealthCareProductsPersonal/b/refnav_shopall_HC_T?ieUTFnode,Sports Nutrition,SportsNutrition/b/refnav_shopall_SN_T?ieUTFnode,Baby Child Care,BabyChildCareProducts/b/refnav_shopall_BC_T?ieUTFnode,Medical Supplies Equipment,MedicalSuppliesEquipmentHealthCare/b/refnav_shopall_MSE_T?ieUTFnode,Health Wellness,WellnessRelaxationProducts/b/refnav_shopall_HW_T?ieUTFnode]],InstantVideoPanelpromoIDnavsainstantvideo,templatenameitemList,dataPrime Video,items[Prime Video,items[subAll TV shows, movies, and more,All Videos,AmazonVideo/s/browse/refnav_shopall_aiv?_encodingUTFnode,subPrime Originals, exclusives, and more,Included with Prime,PrimeVideo/s/browse/refnav_shopall_aiv_piv?_encodingUTFnode,subHBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and more,Amazon Channels,s/browse/refnav_shopall_nav_sa_aos?_encodingUTFfilterIdOFFER_FILTERDSUBSCRIPTIONSnode,subNew releases, latest seasons, and more,Rent or Buy,rentorbuyamazonvideo/b/refnav_shopall_aiv_shop?ieUTFnode,Your Watchlist,gp/video/watchlist/refnav_shopall_aiv_wlst,iderBefore,Your Video Library,gp/video/library/refnav_shopall_aiv_yvl,Watch Anywhere,b/refnav_shopall_aiv_wtv?ieUTFnode,Getting Started,gp/video/getstarted/refnav_shopall_aiv_gs],More to Explore,columnBreak,items[subPrime Original Series and Movies,Prime Originals,s/browse/refnav_shopall_nav_sa_org?_encodingUTFmerchIdoriginalsnode,subTop kids TV shows, movies, and more,Kids,s/browse/refnav_shopall_nav_sa_org?_encodingUTFmerchIdprimevideokidsnode]],DigitalMusicPanelpromoIDnavsadigitalmusic,templatenameitemList,dataAmazon Music,items[Stream Music,items[subStream tens of millions of songs with weekly new releasesn,Amazon Music Unlimited,gp/dmusic/promotions/AmazonMusicUnlimited/refnav_shopall_dm_hf,subPrime members can stream a growing selection of million songs all adfree,Prime Music,gp/dmusic/promotions/PrimeMusic/refnav_shopall_dm_pm,,Open Web Player,gp/dmusic/mp/player/refnav_shopall_dm_webplayer,iderBefore,extratarget_blank],Buy Music,iderBefore,items[subPurchase millions of albums and vinyl records,CDs Vinyl,musicrockclassicalpopjazz/b/refnav_shopall_dm_cds_vinyl?ieUTFnode,subBuy albums and songs,Download Store,MPMusicDownload/b/refnav_shopall_dm_store_hf?ieUTFnode]],ToysKidsBabyPanelpromoIDnavsatoyskidsbaby,templatenameitemList,dataToys, Kids Baby,items[Toys, Kids Baby,items[Toys Games,toys/b/refnav_shopall_tg?ieUTFnode,Baby,babycarseatsstrollersbedding/b/refnav_shopall_ba?ieUTFnode,Video Games for Kids,KidsFamily/b/refnav_shopall_cvg?ieUTFnode,subPrime members save up to on diapers, baby food, more,Amazon Family,gp/mily/signup/refnav_shopall_mily,Baby Registry,babyreg/home/refnav_shopall_babyreg,Kids Birthdays,KidsBirthdayToysGames/b/refnav_shopall_kidsbirthdaynew?ieUTFnode,subNot a toy, a fullfeatured Fire let,AllNew Fire Kids Edition lets,dp/BJMSDS/refnav_shopall_ods_ket_gno_toys,iderBefore,subShop innovative new toys,Amazon Launchpad,b/refnav_shopall_lpd_gno_toys?ieUTFnode,iderBefore,subPremium products. Transparent origins. Exclusive to Prime. ,Amazon Elements,AmazonElements/b/refnav_shopall_elements_baby?ieUTFnode,iderBefore],Clothing Shoes,iderBefore,items[For Girls,GirlsFashion/b/refnav_shopall_toys_girls?ieUTFnode,For Boys,BoysFashion/b/refnav_shopall_toys_boys?ieUTFnode,For Baby,BabyClothingShoes/b/refnav_shopall_toys_baby?ieUTFnode]],templatesasinpromoclassnav_asin_promo

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,FoodGroceryPanelpromoIDnavsafoodgrocery,templatenameitemList,dataFood Grocery,items[Amazon Restaurants,items[subAvailable in select cities,See All Restaurants,restaurants?ref_nav_shopall_amzrst_all_topnav,Popular Restaurants,restaurants/m/popularrestaurants?ref_nav_shopall_amzrst_popular_topnav],Grocery Wine,iderBefore,items[Grocery Gourmet Food,grocerybreakstfoodssnacksorganic/b/refnav_shopall_gro?ieUTFnode,subAvailable in select cities,AmazonFresh,AmazonFresh/b/refnav_shopall_fresh?ieUTFnode,subEveryday essentials in everyday s,Prime Pantry,PrimePantry/b/refnav_shopall_prime_pantry?ieUTFnode,Amazon Launchpad Food,b/refnav_shopall_lpd_gno_csmbl?ieUTFnode,subUp to off, free shipping, and more,Subscribe Save,SubscribeSave/b/refnav_shopall_subscribe_save?ieUTFnode,Wickedly Prime,WickedlyPrime/b/refnav_shopall_wickedlyprime?ieUTFnode]],FireTvPanelpromoIDnavsafiretv,templatenameitemList,dataFire TV,items[Watch and Play,items[subK Ultra HD and HDR streaming media player with voice remote,AllNew Fire TV,dp/BNNCPM/refnav_shopall__k_ods_smp_ne,subThe next generation of our bestselling Fire TV Stick,Fire TV Stick,dp/BZVRDKK/refnav_shopall__k_ods_smp_tk,subNo cable required. 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Every day.,Echo Look,dp/BJAEWK/refnav_shopall__ods_ha_aucc_hx,subCompare devices, learn about Alexa, and more,See all devices with Alexa,AmazonEchoAndAlexaDevices/b/refnav_shopall__ods_ha_echo_cp?ieUTFnode],Alexa Smart Home,columnBreak,items[subAn intelligent security camera featuring p HD, night vision, and twoway audio.,Introducing Amazon Cloud Cam,dp/BCUYJK/refnav_shopall__ods_emrg_pe,subControl smart home devices with Alexa,See all smart home devices,smarthome/b/refnav_shopall__ods_ha_echo_ch?ieUTFnode],Content Resources,iderBefore,items[subDiscover all the things you can do with Alexa,Meet Alexa,meetalexa/b/refnav_shopall__ods_ha_alexa_ug?ieUTFnode,subFor Fire OS, Android, iOS, and desktop browsers,Alexa App,gp/help/customer/.html/refnav_shopall__ods_ha_con_help?ieUTFnodeId,subTurns your Echo into a voicecontrolled speakerphone,Alexa Calling with Echo Connect,dp/BZRFPY/refnav_shopall__ods_ha_echo_bl,subOrder millions of products and access exclusive deals with Prime,Alexa Voice 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Line,gp/cobrandcard/marketing.html/refnav_shopall_credit_ccl?ieUTFplattrGNO_Lpribprox,subFind a credit card thats right for you,Credit Card Marketplace,comparecreditcardoffers/b/refnav_shopall_credit_ccmp?ieUTFnode],Payment Products,iderBefore,items[subUse your rewards points for purchases,Shop with Points at Amazon,b/refnav_shopall_credit_swp?ieUTFnode,subAdd cash to your Amazon Balance,Amazon Cash,b/refnav_shopall_amzcash?ieUTFnode,subPay in your local currency,Amazon Currency Converter,CurrencyConverter/b/refnav_shopall_credit_tfx?ieUTFnode,subAn easy way to fund shopping on Amazon,Amazon Allowance,AmazonAllowanceGiftCards/b/refnav_shopall_gno_allowance?ieUTFnode,subAdd funds directly with a credit or debit card,Reload Your Amazon Balance,ReloadYourGiftCardBalance/b/refnav_shopall_gno_balance?ieUTFnode]],HomeGardenToolsPanelpromoIDnavsahomegardentools,templatenameitemList,dataHome, Garden, Pets Tools,items[Home, Garden Pets,items[Amazon 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var firstElementLeftPossubCatLinks.eq.offset.left;forvar i;i



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Studio Electboomstar reviewronics Boomstar synth with Moog ladder filter

Watch the rave review of the Boomstar and SE by Nick Batt from Product SpecsConditionVery Good UsedBrandStudio ElectronicsModelBoomstar FinishBlackCategoriesAnalog SynthsYearMade InUnited StatesVideoAudioAbout The Seller

I am selling this synth because I travel a lot and therefore prefer working with plugins. Its however a great piece of gear with lots of hands on control and classic analog sound.

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Items must be returned in original, asshipped condition with all original packaging and no signs of use. Buyer assumes responsibility for all return shipping costs unless the item was not received as described.

Available for local pickup from Rotterdam, ZH, NL

Buyer receives a full refund in their original payment method less any shipping charges.

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Tip for Buyers Deals completed off of Reverb do not qualify forReverb Protection

I will ship with tracking to the listed regions. To negotiate shipping rates to other locations, please send me a message.

The synth is in very good condition; practically flawless paintwork and all the knobs and buttons work fine.

Hey! Based on your location, weve changed your settings

popular product reviewss and

popular product reviewss andAs with detection and removal, we created an average score based on our own test results and those published by thirdparty testing labs.

/ Gold AwardBitdefenderVisit SiteNortonVisit SiteKaspersky LabVisit SiteAviraVisit SiteAvastVisit SiteESETVisit SiteTrend MicroVisit SiteFSecureVisit SiteMcAfeeVisit SiteVIPREVisit SiteAVGVisit SiteQuick PicksPreviousNextStandout FeatureSecure Delete GuaranteeSafe BankingGaming ModeDNS RedirectingEasy InstallWebReputation TechnologyCleanup ToolUnlimited LicensesSocial WatchPassive ModeTest ResultsPreviousNextVirus Detection RemovalLoss of Computer ResourceFalse PositivesScanning DetectionPreviousNextMinimum Number of LicensesUnlimitedGamer Mode EnabledManualManualManualAutomaticAutomaticManualManualManualAutomaticRansomware ProtectionAntiphishingUSB AutoscansIncoming Email AutoscansRescue CD or USB FileVulnerable Software DetectionPrivacy ProtectionPreviousNextMobile ProtectionParental ControlsSafe BankingPassword ManagerHelp SupportPreviousNextWeekday Phone Support Hours Eastern Time///*//am pmam pm*am pm///Weekend Phone Support AvailableLive ChatSystems SupportedPreviousNextWindows Windows Windows MacBest Antivirus SoftwareWhy Buy Antivirus Software?

The FBI is warning the public about a possible connection between Kaspersky Labs and the Russian government.Read this articlefrom our sister site, Toms Guide, to see what weve found and some points to consider when choosing an antivirus solution.

We specifically tested antivirus solutions for Windows , but many of these programs are also compatible with Mac computers. Antivirus programs that are compatible with Macs and PCs usually work equally well on both. However, there are a few solutions developed solely for Mac computers, and they look and feel more natural on that operating system than those that work on both. Additionally, customer support is better because representatives understand how your Mac computer works with the software.

Free antivirus protection is enticing if you have a limited budget. Unlike paid software, these programs typically dont scan for malware automatically, and they usually dont protect your computer in real time or have browser addons to help you avoid bad links. Additionally, free antivirus software s ads for the full, paid version of the product. While this doesnt detract from performance, it can be distracting and annoying. Perhaps the biggest frustration with even the best free antivirus programs is the general lack of customer support from the developer.

It is also important to consider how much an antivirus program affects computer performance as it runs. A lag of even a few seconds is enough to interrupt game play, videos and tasks such as attaching files to emails and searching the web.

Avasts antivirus software comes with free access to its mobile protection program so you can safeguard all your webenabled devices. It is just as effective at detecting and blocking malware on your cell phone, including rootkits and phishing schemes, as it is on your computer or laptop. This means you can surf the web, shop online and connect to social media without worrying about what malicious programs may be trying to gain access to your phone files.

The final score we assigned is for how well the antivirus program identifies legitimate sites. Topranking antivirus solutions only attack true threats and leave your harmless files and programs accessible.

Since new and emerging threats sometimes get through, good antivirus programs also have a rescue CD or a rescue file you can download to a USB drive. This disk or download reboots your computer in a safe mode and helps recover the system in the event it crashes because of an infection.

All the antivirus programs we reviewed do a good job of blocking known malware, including rootkits, keyloggers, phishing schemes and ransomware. They are also all effective at identifying and blocking new threats before they infect your system.

Bitdefender is the best antivirus software for computers that run Windows because it blocks more malware than any other program, no matter which version of the operating system you use. This software warns you of dangerous search results and blocks you from opening infected links and files. It also includes a file shredder and a personal data filter. Bitdefender protects your computer without causing significant lag, even when you play games or watch videos online.

One of the most important, if not the most important, considerations when choosing an antivirus program is how well it detects, blocks and eliminates internet threats. This is difficult to test, though, because it requires you to deliberately infect your computer with the most malicious of internet threats. Several thirdparty laboratories, including AVTest Institute and AVComparatives, have created standardized tests that do exactly that, and they are recognized worldwide as authorities on the overall performance of antivirus software.

This score shows, on average, how well an antivirus program can protect your computer against threats. The best software keeps an accurate data log of all known malware threats so it can quickly recognize common viruses and block them. In addition to how the program handles known threats, our detection and removal score considers how well the software stops new threats, which it does by comparing unmiliar files and those it previously blocked for similarities.

We spent hundreds of hours testing, researching and evaluating dozens of antivirus programs to narrow the list down to the best virus protection solutions out there. We downloaded each program on several test computers in Purch Lab as well as on personal computers at home to get a feel for how they work in everyday life. We compared our results to those from other thirdparty laboratories that also test antivirus software on a regular basis. Here is a breakdown of what we looked for and discovered.

Through our testing, we found thatAVGis the best free antivirus software available. It includes extra protection tools that most free programs dont have such as a USB scanner, PC tuneup scanner and some personal support via email. AVG is very effective at detecting and blocking viruses, receiving perfect scores in this area from thirdparty testing labs. It is also very easy to install and use. Unlike other free antivirus programs, AVG lets you schedule automatic scans and performs deep scans instead of just skimming the suce.

All the programs we tested are Windows antivirus software and are compatible with versions , and . Most also work on computers running Windows XP and Vista, though you likely wont get support with these versions since Microsoft no longer updates them.

Intego is one of the top programs we looked at when we reviewed Mac antivirus software. It scans your files in real time, so it detects threats quickly, before they have a chance to settle in your system. In addition to Mac malware, Intego recognizes many Windows viruses and can keep you from inadvertently passing them on by email to friends and mily with Windows computers.

Gamer, or silent, mode suspend scans and notifications while you play games or watch movies online, so youre not interrupted and dont experience any computer slowdown. The best antivirus applications that include this mode automatically enable it rather than requiring you to access the settings to turn it on yourself.

Hackers and malware are becoming a big threat to mobile devices as more and more people use lets and smartphones to access the internet. Several antivirus programs have mobile solutions that extend malware protection to these devices. You usually have to purchase an additional license or a separate, addon program for mobile antivirus protection, but there are a few developers that include it in their regular software packages.

Our testing and research consistently pointed toBitdefenderNortonandKaspersky Labas the overall best antivirus programs for Windows. However, this doesnt necessarily mean one of them is best for you and your internet security needs. Each antivirus software we reviewed is high quality and includes specialty features and tools that make it stand out from the dozens of virus protection programs out there. We recommend any of these programs, depending on the specific needs of your mily.

According to the identity protection firmIdentityForce, there have been major consumer security breaches in at companies such as Equix, Verizon, Arbys, Blue Cross BlueShield/Anthem, and Gmail each leading to the theft of consumers personal information, including birthdates, social security numbers, addresses, bank accounts and credit card numbers. Identity thieves use this information to become you, causing financial and emotional damage. The information can also be used to hack into your computer to gather more information or hold your files hostage with ransomware, rootkits, worms and bots. The best way to protect against hackers and malware is to update your computer and programs when prompted, and to purchase antivirus software that monitors your system /.

In addition to performing the above tests, we looked at the s of threats each antivirus solution detects, where the program detects them, and the tools it uses help you remove and recover from them.

The best antivirus programs go above and beyond blocking internet threats and include additional tools to help you stay safe online. One powerful set of tools is designed specifically to keep your personal information secure while you bank online or access credit card sites. When you choose a program with online banking features, hackers have extra barriers to get around to swipe your information. Online banking tools are a great way to protect your identity and your computer system.

Antivirus programs are subscriptionbased with a peryear and perlicense price. Most offer a single license for between and . However, several programs, includingBitdefender Antivirus , bundle multiple licenses together for a lower perlicense price than if you bought them each separately.

One of Avira antivirus softwares best features is its gaming mode, which allows you to play games online without lag or interruptions from system scans and popup notifications. Several other antivirus programs have this features, but Avira automatically enables it. When you access an online game, the software automatically adds the URL to the gaming list so it knows youre on a safe site when you visit it again. You can also manually add sites to the list.

As part of our review process, we considered the findings of these thirdparty experts. Additionally, we tested the programs with less invasive threats, such as keyloggers and outdated software, to see how well they detected and quarantined them. Our final test scores are an average of multiple thirdparty test results and our own evaluations.

In addition to providing great malware protection, Kaspersky includes tools to keep you safe during online banking sessions. For example, it has a virtual keyboard you can use to enter usernames and passwords to log into your accounts. This keeps you safe from keyloggers hackers use to capture the keystrokes you make on traditional keyboards. Kaspersky also has powerful antiphishing blocks to crack down on how often you are asked for credit card and banking information by dangerous sources disguised legitimate ones.

All the antivirus solutions we reviewed let you schedule scans to happen automatically. This can be bothersome if you play games online or watch videos on your computer since virus scans can cause significant lag and programs send popup notifications when scans finish to let you know what they found.

Vegetarianism A Healthy Alternative or an Alternative to Healthy

How to Block Porn Sites on InternetConnected Devices

Antivirus softwares most basic and important function is protecting against malware, but programs often include tools that can further protect your computer. These can include parental control features that let you set time limits, block websites and filter dangerous online content.

Small Business Internet Security Suites Review

Best Mobile Device Management Software Review

SecondGen Bitdefender Box Delivers HassleFree Smart Home Safety

In addition, a password manager stores the login information for all your online accounts in one secure place. Because you access your accounts using the managers password, you arent as likely to have a security breach and can bypass phantom sites that try to snatch sensitive information as you proceed to legitimate sites this is particularly harmful when the phantom site is connected to bank, credit card and other websites that house personal information.

We determined the softwares loss of computer resource score by launching, using, downloading, installing and copying files and programs during a virus scan. As we did so, we observed whether the program created significant lag or showed popups. We took our testing a step further and played downloaded and online games and watched videos online during virus scans to see just how much interference the program created.

In addition to scanning your computer regularly, most Windows antivirus software automatically scans you emails and USB ports for any threats. If the program finds one, it destroys the malicious file before it has a chance to enter your computer.

Review DSI Tempestboomstar review

Studio Electronics Boomstar …

If we have one niggle in this area its the knobs above the are placed such that our t heads get in the way of the screen it hard to see whats going on. Knobs by the side would have been better but hey ho.

Granted, we havent used it in a track yet but no theres no panic.  Its obvious itll fit in a mix like a plastic glove on a drug inspector.

Studio Electronics Boomstar Th…

EvoLvetheme by ThemePress Powered byWordPressallthegear

First up, no, Im not paid to endorse this product….

The sound is thick, organic and gritty where needed.  The bottom end feels bowel shakingly lively and the distortion and compressor on the master out add a little magic or outright filth.  Its a shame that these cant be per sound but perhaps some version of that might come in a future OS.

This is the first minutes of noodling with my new Stud…

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This week we will mostly be ebuying Roland JP

Coming soon Sinevibes Reactive VST Synth

Fully analogue with oscillators analogue, dig of varying kinds for each of the voices, the Tempest is a delicious mash up of warmth, tweakability and midi control.

On the playability side, ole Roger may have thedulcet tones of a hypnotherapist, but hes a magician when it comes to ergonomics and feel.  On stage, this thing will come alive and whilst getting everything set up may take a little getting used to, the options are vast. Pressure sensitive pads and ribbon controllers mixed with knobs galore mean tweaking becomes addictive.

Look into my ears, look into my ears. Buy the Tempest now!

So, sounds by Dave Smith and playability by Roger Linn.  What more do you need?

You may use theseHTMLtags and attributesa href title abbr title acronym title b blockquote cite cite code del datetime em i q cite strike strong

You will only be mailed by us never more than once per day.

Lets skip the obligatory race to the last paragraph.  This thing is fing amazing.  You need one.

. Views are our own and you cant have them unless you ask nicely.

We bought it atdvRomford after mins noodling and we havent stopped playing since.

Here are the Top Six most popular shpopular product reviewsopping sites online

Get the Most From Your Tech With Our Daily Tips

Shopping online is something most people enjoy immensely, since you dont have to get dressed up and get out of the house, and you can do it at AM if you want to. Plus, there are some amazing sales, bargains, and discounts that you can take advantage of on the Web from your vorite brick and mortar stores as well as stores that exist solely on the Internet.

Etsy is also a great way for people who can DIY markele items to make a little money on the side; setting up your own storefront on Etsy is easy and makes it to sell something right out of your home for very little effort but a lot of potential exposure.

They also offer seasonal gift guides, howto videos, and a Deal of the Day. eBay also gives you many filters for your search results, including by brand, price, , , features, and consumer ratings and reviews. If youre looking for something collectible this is the first spot that most people will go online; eBay sellers also stock new items as well, which makes this shopping site a great bargain destination.

Top Social Shopping Websites You Need to Check Out

Originally started to supplement a Pez collection,eBayhas grown into the worlds largest online auction site. You can find pretty much anything here, or you canbecome an eBay seller, which can be a nice source of additional income plus you can get rid of a lot of extra junk. eBay offers a wide variety of categories ranging from Appliances to Video Games.

Find out when and where the best online shopping deals take place

Amazon is definitely the giant of online shopping; more people shop here than at any other online shopping site. Dont just go straight to Amazon to shop, though. Go through a rewards site to be sure youre taking advantage of thecashback offersfrom Amazon.

Incredibly Popular Things to Do with Mozilla Thunderbird

Ever wondered what stores do with the stuff they mis the answer to that question. This site mostly centered on home goods and womens apparel  gives you commonly used searches right on the front womens shoes, video games, etc. right next to the hottest sellers. You can also sort results by price, cost of shopping, and brand.

The Stickiest, Clickiest, Most Addictive Sites on the Web

The Best Mobile Apps for Shopping and Saving Money on the Go

Top Sites for Earning Rewards or Cash for Online Shopping

That makes it possible for the shopper to compare prices at a glance from a myriad of different stores and inidual sellers. Theyve also made it even easier to shop for things you purchase often learn about the Dash button.

Torrentz One of the Worlds Most Popular Torrent Sources

Search engines to help you consistently find relevant results

Zapposoriginally started with just shoes and then just kept going; they now offer all sorts of items, anything from womens apparel to kids clothing to specialty shops. Zappos is known in the online shopping industry for their exemplary customer service, with many customersubmitted stories of examples of Zappos employees going above and beyond to make sure their experience is a good one. Theres a lot of comparison shopping opportunities here as well.

Googles product search listings are mammoth; in ct, just one search for a GPS system literally brought back around different results. You can filter this overload of information by price, brand, category, and store, as well as related searches that can help you further narrow down what youre looking for.

There are many kinds of shopping portals that offer different experiences, and in this article, well take a look at the top six most popular shopping sites on the Web.

Popular Shopping Apps You Need on Your Device

Etsyis a global marketplace selling goods from incredibly talented artisans around the world. Anything from homemade soap to crystal necklaces to caramel apples can be found here, and its a incredible place to find some good deals as well. You wont find the latest blockbuster movie here, but you can certainly find innovative crafts made by people out of their homes that you can purchase to express your inner geek/n/artist.

One of the most overlooked and quite powerful ways to find a good deal is simply toGoogleit. Googles shopping search capabilities are a great resource. Just in anything you are trying to find, and it will bring up a whole plethora of search results, complete with price comparisons, in your local area. This is a quick and easy way to find items near to you, but also to nail down price comparisons between multiple shopping sites and stores quickly and easily.

With millions of offerings to choose from,Amazonhas evolved from a small bookstore to a mammoth Internet presence.They not only bring you hundreds of thousands of items from their own warehouses, but sellers from all over the world are also able to upload their own wares for sale.

Shopping Online Why its So Incredibly Popular

Longproduct reviewsLasting Laptops

Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to ourTerms of UseandPrivacy Policy.

Bottom LineToggl is an intuitive and easytouse service that gives you exactly the tools you need for tracking time spent on tasks. Its our vorite free timetracking tool for freelancers.

Best Social Media Management Analytics Tools

Bottom LineThe Origaudio Wrapsody Bluetooth is a coollooking pair of headphones that deliver poor sound quality.

Bottom LineNovaBackup is a solid local backup solution with a good set of security features and customization options, but its not as intuitive as top competitors and it lacks ransomware protection.

Best Application Performance Management Tools

Bottom LineWhile its pricey for a retro game system, the Analogue Super Nt is possibly the best nonemulator way to play your Super Nintendo and Super Famicom cartridges on a modern TV.

Bottom LineBullGuard Internet Security packs a lot of features, including backup and performance tuneup, but the quality of features doesnt line up with the quantity.

Bottom LineThe Halo Board Halo Drone Pro is a folding drone that costs too much for what it offers and has a bug that caused a near flyaway in testing.

Bottom LineThe Moshi Vortex Air earphones deliver a full, bright wireless audio experience with an app that lets you tune the sound signature to your liking.

Dont be left without juice just when you need it most. These battery life champs will take you through a day of work, as well as a night on the couch.

Build a smarter home with tips, howto stories, product reviews, and more delivered right to your inbox.

Ziff Davis, LLC. PCMag Digital Group

Bottom LineArc System Works loving tribute to one of the most popular animated shows of all time is not only an early contender for fighter of the year, but overall game of the year, too.

How to Set Up and Configure Your Wireless Router

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Bottom LineThe Belkin Valet Charger lets you power up an Apple Watch and an iPhone at the same time, but this convenience will cost you.

Bottom LineWith affordable and flexible pricing, an attractive app, solid speed test performance, and advanced features, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited for iPhone has it all.

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Bottom LineIf youre in the market for a , inexpensive timetracking app that spits out invoices based on hoy rates, consider Freelancy.

Bottom LineAndroid Pay is a st and secure mobilepayment app that works with a wide variety of phones and stores, but you cant use it to pay friends.

Bottom LineUsing your Amazon Echo speaker as landline phone is a great idea, but the companys Echo Connect, which lets you do just this, works poorly.

Bottom LineThe Ventev Powercell c is a covenient battery pack thanks to its builtin micro USB charging cable, but you can get more power for the price.

Bottom LineAmazon Echo Buttons work with your speaker to make Alexa the ultimate party game host, but the limited games available are buggy and not particularly fun.

Bottom LineHosting is a featurepacked web hosting service that gives you the tools you need to build functional, beautiful websites, particularly those of the WordPress variety.

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product reviewsFishin Magician Product Reviews Current information on fishing for trout bass walleye perch steelhead salmon and other freshwater spe

It doesnt matter what boat you have or what of fishing you do, you will want one of these trays on board. It is inches wide and inches deep and made of marinegrade solid plastic and has a super tough cutting board more…

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Work Sharp, makers of quality and innovative sharpeners for knives and tools for many years, has entered the culinary market, with this must have more…

On the right is a photo of my current method of storing lead balls for fishing. As you can imagine the of the each ball that is stamped on the lead is worn off in no time. I am left with trying estimate the of one I want to use by eye balling the ones closest to what I guess is the right read more…

When you see and feel the material that the under layers from Grays Harbor Unders it may not appear different from other hightech materials made to keep you warm and dry while more…

Bait Tray with Plug Cutter from Fish Fighter Products

Sinker Tray Storage from Fish Fighter Products

If you fish with lead balls you will need one of more…

When Mercury introduced the Pro XS series of outboard motors to the market they were in instant hit. Already, it is the bestselling tournament fishing outboard in the world. I have been running the Mercury Pro XS hp motor this season on the Bob Feil Boats and Motors Smokercraft , and am very pleasedread more…

I have driven many Smokercraft boats over the years and each year they have made improvements. The new Phantom is off shorebracketed, which makes the interior of the boat more…

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Finally, the solution to the problem of fish sliding around while you are trying to fillet! The Fillet Away Fish Mat will keep any fish in place when placed on any flat more…

I received samples of the Butterfly Blade last year from Dutch Fork Custom Lures. They wanted some photos of different fish taken on this new design for a catalogue that would be out in late . These blades are made from the same high impact polymers that Dutch Fork usesread more…

Anglers are always looking for an edge. One of the things that salmon anglers are doing is using break away flashers to eliminate the drag of the flasher once a fish is hooked. Rick Graybill at Hooked on Toys in Wenatchee has come up with something that will give kokanee anglers an more…product reviewsFishin Magician Product Reviews Current information on fishing for trout bass walleye perch steelhead salmon and other freshwater species in Washington State

product reviewsProduct Reviews Can Blockchain Innovators Fix the Aggregate Score?

product reviewsProduct Reviews Can Blockchain Innovators Fix the Aggregate Score?Linashighly anticipated ICO is set for launch on Jan. th.

Bitcoin Cash Receives Two Major Improvement Proposals

There isa range of possible flawsin this concept that stands out immediately, which can be tied to a set of key questions, including

A common complaint that has been levied against review aggregators are related to the subsequent effects of their core conceptual function. These sites reconualize the purpose of a review from a selfcontained assessment that reflects the inidual writers opinion and ; into a homogenized component of a greater aggregate, headlined by a numerical score converted from often differing scales. Some partnered publications dont even assign scores to their reviews. Another result of this is a devaluation of each review featured, with each cing a depreciation of relative influence.

BEAT Introducing a Way to Get

The writer of this post is a guest. Opinions in the article are solely of the writer and do not reflect The Merkles view.

One of the projects primary objectives is to incentivize real customer reviewers towards producing high quality, objective and frequent content. This will hopefully lead to a higher consistency of output from top community writers through the creation of a tokenized review community Lina Token, which promises to reward good work from writers with tangible rewards; as well as increasing consumer confidence.

Gibraltar Exchange Announces ICO for Regulated Token

BitcoinToken BTK cryptocurrency partners with The Token

Review aggregators, if you werent previously aware, are sites which use algorithms to calculate average scores from an international portfolio of critical publications in order to inform and influence the purchasing decisions of their visitors. Many allow users to sign up and leave their own reviews also contributing to a separate community aggregate score.

And to what extent, if any, do the interests of the sites advertisers affect the objectivity of their reporting?

Linahas seemingly killed two birds with one stone, with a new Ethereum backed platform titled The team behind the project claim to bypass the potential for corruption by taking advantage of the Blockchains inherent anonymity and transparency benefits.

What is sites validation processes with regards to their partnership with critics?

Customer reviews, on the other hand, have the benefit of the reader being able to identify with the firsthand impressions of a peer. Research has shown that most online shoppersdo indeed trust reviews they read, with a more prevalent issue being a lack of motivation from customers towards actually write them.

It is highly arguable whether the changes such services has brought are akin to a reviews renaissance or if their success is the result of teleopathic llacy, and its about time we think seriously about how this has affected the landscape of the review industry and who it has affected. Its essential that we seriously consider what changes are needed to help improve the future of online shopping, whether the Blockchain might be just the instrument to cilitate them.

XinFin unveils XDC, the hybrid Blockchain protocol;

How is the algorithm weight the importance of each publication and its proportional contribution to the final aggregate?

As a result of this, we are more likely to see a cap on the upper and lower extremes quality overall alongside the unique features that inform the positive or negative aspects of the score. Ideally, feedback should contribute to informing innovation within new product developments; however, aggregation has seemingly resulted in product homogenization and predicly uniform features.

Hidester VPN Announces Exciting News That a

Cointed gets on board the transparency bandwagon

The thing is, professional product reviews as an industry has suffered from a lack of transparency since their inception. Due to their strict reliance on advertising revenue, they have always been plagued by allegations of misrepresenting products produced by their clients.

Visa and Mastercard Now Charge an Additional

Sia Devs Wont Prevent Bitmains A Devices

Academic and businessoriented studieshave confirmedthat these aggregate scores have had a huge influence on the development of products they relate to, with particular reference to digital media and the video game industry. Presenting reviews as raw numbers and singular bylines is reductive to the qualitative value of the feedback, as opinions on quality are simplified into Good, Average or Bad or green, yellow and red on Metacritic.

At the turn of the millennium, the concept of product reviews saw something of a postmodernist reinvention throughout the Western hemisphere, which corresponded with the advent of Web .. The two most nole manifestations of this would most definitely be user reviews, and review aggregators such as Metacritic.

If a writers ,word product review is featured on Metacritic, but nobody cares to read it, was there any value to the content produced at all?

A lack of time and incentives has been identified as the most prominent reason given by people surveyed, which is where a particular Zurich,Switzerlandteam of developers come in.

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Productproduct reviews Review Videos

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Always make your content and video quality a priority so that your audience can expect to get the same information and entertainment, whether youre doing a regular vlog or youre reviewing a cool new product. Ideally, your YouTube review videos should really blend right in with the rest of the content you upload to your channel.

You could talk about how a product helps you with a particular problem, what you like about its packaging, how it works, etc. Viewers want your overall opinion, so give them an honest and personal take in your product review video.

At the end of your YouTube review videos, dont just leave your viewers hanging. You want to encourage your viewers to check out the brand and product that youre reviewing, and they will if you give them a little encouragement. Tell them why they should learn more about this brand and/or this product, and theyll be more likely to do so.

Finally, when viewers come to your YouTube channel, they expect a certain of video. They keep coming back to watch your vlogs because they like your , your personality, and the way you create your content, so why would you change all that just because youre doing a review?

In this monetization guide for vloggers, we go over multiple methods covering how to make money on YouTube. While Google [Read Guide]about How to Make Money with Your YouTube Channel as a Vlogger

When it comes to promoting your YouTube channel, and getting more views on YouTube, there are so many marketing outlets [Read Guide]about How to Get More Views on YouTube

If you dont tell them, and they find out, then theyre going to feel like they cant trust you or any of your reviews. Failing to disclose your YouTube sponsorships, even little ones that just cover free products, can lose you a lot of viewers.

Consider these tips in mind to help make successful reviews that work for you, your viewers, and the brands youre partnering with. Creating great product review videos on YouTube involves four fundamentals always be honest, never compromise the quality of your content, provide value, and have fun with your videos!

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Its completely okay to do sponsored reviews on YouTube, but its not okay to lie to your audience. If you make a sponsored YouTube video and tell your viewers about it, theyll know that youre providing an honest opinion on the product, and they wont have a problem with that.

Want some great tips on how to start a YouTube channel? Do you want to start vlogging? If so, then check out all this [Read Guide]about How to Start a YouTube Channel as a Vlogger

Product reviews make great vlogs. They can be a lot of fun, and they can actually help you make money with your YouTube channel, too. How? Many YouTube sponsorships are based upon creators reviewing products or services from brands relevant to their audience.

Your YouTube channels community plays a big role in the growth and reach of your channel. Having an engaged community [Read Guide]about How to Grow Your YouTube Channels Community

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If you review a brand thats known to get negative feedback or one that has inconsistent quality, people are going to wonder what your motivation was. If you review a product for a new brand being eslished, you need to make sure that you show why you did the review and what makes the product so great.

If you go this route, though, youll need to do it effectively, and youll want to keep a few things in mind to make good product review videos on your YouTube channel when partnering with companies for sponsorships.

Now, if you are being compensated for your product review in any way, you need to disclose that information. Even if the manucturer just sent you a free sample and asked for a review, tell your YouTube viewers that.

Examples of calls to action might be something like, For more information on [Brand Xs] crueltyfree cosmetics, check out the great products on their website, or, [Brand Y] has a ton of very cool looking, Smart iPhone cases. Head over to the linked below to see all of the designs they have to offer.

First of all, always go with brands that have good reputations. These are brands that people have positive experiences with. Your viewers want to know about the latest products from these companies, and theyre going to be searching for information related to them.

Next, remember that your viewers watch your YouTube videos for more than just strippeddown information. They want to know what you think and what you have to say, so dont be afraid to say what you personally like about the products.

Your reviews should be based upon providing value to viewers, and a big part of that revolves around the companies and products mentioned within the content. Do a little bit of research so that you can be fully satisfied with what youre recommending to people.

Whether youre a gamer, a beauty guru, a tech enthusiast, or a YouTuber in any other kind of niche, at some point you may consider reviewing products in your industry.