Meet the YearOld Who Built a Ypopular product reviewsouTube Product Review Empire

SpaceX Successfully Launches the Falcon HeavyAnd Elon Musks Roadster

Meet the YearOld Who Built a YouTube Product Review Empire

Brownlee is currently balancing this oneman production with his senior year of college andof courseplaying professional Ultimate Frisbee for the New York Rumble. He wants to expand his universe of review subjects too. Anything with an On button is ir game, he says. Like most people his age, hes not sure what hell do after graduation. We suggest media mogul.

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Steelcases New, Inexpensive Polymer Behaves Like Costly Carbon Fiber

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Brownlee started review videos almost six years ago, though its only in the past few that he developed his afble persona and slick filming . If Im going to give someone advice on what to buy, you want a personality to back it up rather than some robot telling you X is better than Y, Brownlee says. Today, his channel generates enough money from ads to pay for itself and to make it worth my time.

Meet the YearOld Who Built a YouTube Product Review Empire

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Meet the YearOld Who Built a YouTube Product Review Empire

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Marques Brownlee isa YouTube sensation. The techreview prodigy has . million subscribersmore followers than Kanye West, Marvel, or Disney Animation. Under the usernameMKBHD, he tests everything from cameras and headphones to Google Glass and the latest Tesla. This summer he got his hands on a sapphire crystal rumored to be for the iPhone . In the video, which has gotten about million views, he took keys, his foot, and even a blade to the screen with no result. Though a followup featuring comedian Joe Rogan wielding a crossbow proved its not indestructible. The best part This gadgetry powerhouse is a yearold kid from New Jersey.

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LG Uproduct reviewsSA

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popular product reviewsIntel HD Review Integrated Graphics of th Gen Core USeries CPUs

Battlefield first person shooter requires a good video card and processor in order to run decently. On the HD , youll have to put the ingame graphics settings to minimum and set the resolution to p. The result is a merely playable experience, with fps varying between and fps.

Intel HD Review Graphics of th Gen Core USeries CPUs

Toshiba satellite sb i u win .

Danijel is a tech writer who foundedLaptopingin . His specialty are Windowsbased laptops, in convertibles, and let PCs.

Nvidia GeForce GTX HigherEnd GPU for Laptops

Laptoping This website uses cookies. More infoPrivacy Policy Disclaimer

GB of RAM is large enough for most games on the market.

Although it isnt designed nor advertised to be a gaming graphics processor, the Intel HD is able to satisfy the casual gamer. It supports highresolution video playbacks, including K, without a glitch. Gameplays are much better than on the Intel HD series found on the budget Celeron and Atom Bay Trail processors. The GPU is also ster than its precursor the Intel HD of the th Gen Intel Core Haswell. But, the HD isnt even nearly as st as the available lowermidrange dedicated video cards for laptops, such as theNvidia GeForce GT M. D Mark benchmark results confirm that. On the positive side, if you go for a notebook with the HD only you will avoid extra costs, greater power consumption, and higher temperatures associated with laptop models with dedicated GPUs.

If it plays p videos on youtube smoothly, does it mean that it will play same video on gom player with same performance too?

Portal ran well at p, but it was buggy. Maybe a OS thing.

In addition to this set up a friend of mine gave me a BenQ monitor XLG so I thought I would have fun playing games such as Battlefield with this military laptop but by your review it seem that I might be disappointed. Ill be glad if I could find an external support or replacement to overwrite or boost the integrated HD when at times I want to play games or need extreme graphic power.

You can check out the videos under the Description on this to see what gaming looks like on the iU Broadwell with the HD graphics.

Full HD and Ultra HD K video playback was a piece of cake for the tested system. CPU utilization increased only around percent during playbacks of a YouTube video in Internet Explorer in p FHD and p K, while GPU utilization was ~ and , respectively. Of course, the playbacks were completely fluid.

I am not an expert in PC gaming system configuration but I acquired a new laptop that is usually designed for military personal and the CPU indeed come with the integrated HD Graphic Card

Nvidia GeForce GTX TopTier Laptop Video Card

As an alternative, there is also another acer of the some series but having cpu iu and gpu nvidia m.

uts p fps about with scale..

I might just have to buy one of those gaming laptop otherwise if you know a good reliable source of information online to build my own gaming desktop please share because I always wanted that however was never able to click with the right crowds to get the best informations avoiding in the process to mess with my fun, time money.

This computer is very bad for gaming, i prefer you dont play a game on steam as your computer will heat up so much only after a couple of minutes, i do not recommend you buying it.

Lol p low/med settings out of combat in combat fps.

Is it possible for my laptop to be upgraded from an Intel to like NVIDIA GTX M?

Bro ill suggest you to not to buy it, I mean intel graphics are just not good for hardcore gaming.

Where is easier to play videos for a cpu or gpu on youtube or on a media player like gom player etc?

My hardware config is Platform Intel Core iU, . GHz with VPRO M Cache, up to . GHz in Turbo mode OS / RAM Microsoft Windows Professional x with GB DDR RAM Storage GB SSD

I am going to read your links but earlier I also came across this funny speaking guy on Youtube who pretty much nailed it.

Laptoping is a website about laptop, in, and let PCs. Its primarily focused on Windowsbased notebooks for everyday home office use.

Generally, the HD isnt intended for gaming, but it can run many popular titles quite smoothly. Even some demanding titles can be played on it if you dial down graphics settings in these games. But generally, for any serious gaming its best to pick a laptop with a dedicated video card like Nvidia M/M or better.

Your RatingRatePerfectGoodAverageNot that badVery Poor

Css p lowures maxed out of combat in combat fps depends on maps and players

Lies, i have this exact model, will NOT RUN and cannot run even llout or for. Skyrim crashes. This happened when the NEW fresh out of ctory computer. HP, steam, and llout tech services all said no way it cannot. Basically got lied to by beat buy before i knew what i know now. Still not sure if external gpu will work, but i was told no because the mother board cannot support it

Is it a system that can assure me good performance in the coming years at least for the next years or should I buy something else?

Nvidia GeForce GTX Ti MidRange Laptop Video Card

If your laptop doesnt have an MXM slot in which you can put a dedicated video card, youre very likely stuck with the Intel HD integrated graphics. What is your laptop model? Only a few notebooks on the market can be paired with external video cards. Examples are MSI Shadow and Alienware laptops for They use proprietary external GPUs, which cant work with other laptops.

Sorry, I didnt mention in the article that we upgraded RAM to GB for the CoD test. The article is updated now. So, the CoD video in the review was recorded with GB of RAM. We previously tested the game with GB and it was completely unplayable.

Intel HD Review Graphics of th Gen Intel Core U CPUs

Intel UHD Graphics Review th Gen Intel Core

For a list of laptops with the Intel HD click here.

In Skyrim, the Intel HD performs better. You can run it reasonably well only on the lowest settings and p, but gameplay is pretty much smooth on these settings. FPS values are close to .

Put another GB of memory in your machine, run your tests again and report the results, please.

gpu intel graphics nvidia geforce m gb

We used an external capture card for recording, which doesnt affect performance of the tested laptop in any way. So, frame rates are real in the videos of this review.

Nvidia GeForce M LowerMidRange Laptop Video Card

Yeah, the Radeon dedicated graphics will speed up AutoCAD and Studio Max. The i Broadwell CPU can be used for the mentioned apps, but the i and i chips, especially quadcore i, are recommended for these intensive apps. The truth is that laptops with dedicated video cards do run generally hotter, unless they have a good cooling solution.

You can click on the Reviews above to submit your opinion and ask questions regarding the graphics processor.

Worlds most popular first person shooter Counter Strike Global Offensive can be played decently smooth on the GPU. For instance, one of the optimal graphics detail setups includes resolution set to p, Medium details, and antialiasing turned off. Frame rates are around fps with the setup.

We give the Intel HD four stars. For details and realworld use test, read the Description of this .

Intel HD Review Integrated Graphics of th Gen Core USeries CPUs

Nvidia GeForce GTX HighEnd Notebook Video Card

You think it will be able to play star wars battlefront .

Thanks for the clarification. I didnt mean for my comment to sound so harsh.

heyy there I am new to this whole graphics game but I had a budget of dollars where I have planed to buy a toshiba satellite cc ish its specs were quiet eye catching with a Broadwell intel i thingy a gb ram powered by windows now my question is that will all this be enough for a good gaming experience?

I am taking dell inspiration ired with tb hard drive core i gm ram and Intel hd graphics it is good for gaming !??

Hy I have bought a laptop HP ac tu has core i th generation having intel HD GPU, should I change it to HP ab tx having Intel core i and GPU and redeon r as I have to work on AutoCAD and d studio max , in d rendering then the is ac tu is sufficient ? Experts tell that Intel CPU, GPU combining will be best for cooling. Is it true? Plse suggest , ,,,, Santanu , Kolkata, India

I currently have a Dell Inspiron series with Intel iU CPU, GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics NVIDIA GeForce M render.

League of Legends, the most played online PC game, runs without a glitch on Medium High settings at p resolution, with character, effect, and environment graphics quality set on High, shadows set to Medium, and antialiasing turned off. Ingame performance is between and frames per second most of the time. The final result is a very smooth gameplay.

Graphics Intel HD Review Integrated Graphics of th Gen Core USeries CPUs

its more like a snail than a graphics card

I would like to know if it is good for watching FHD and UHD video streaming or from support, obviously on an external being the onboard one just HD.

To answer your question its a GETAC V second generation. its not a gaming laptop in first place as it is mostly used for military applications requiring rugged equipment and enough power to run complex maps, videos pictures. I am not an expert but I am guessing Its a small rugged laptop with the power of a very good office desktop.

I have troubles playing a few games with high FPS example; RuneScape with the new NXT client.

For this test, we used an Acer Aspire E laptop with the midrange Intel Core iU chip which contains the reviewed graphics processor, GB of RAM for Call of Duty Advanced Ware test we had to upgrade to GB, Windows . operating system, and the latest Intel HD graphics drivers installed. For gameplay recording we used a dedicated video capture card, so there are no slowdowns in games due to softwarebased capturing. Its worth noting gameplays are slightly slower and ster on the i and i Broadwell chips with the HD , due to differences in raw CPU power. Another important ctor is whether you have singlechannel or dualchannel system memory setup, where dualchannel i.e. xGB instead of xGB setups can give noticeably better benchmark results and gaming experience. Also, different notebook designs and their cooling systems, as well as BIOS settings, can influence graphics performance. The laptop we tested appears to deliver somewhat lower results than other systems with the same core specs.

Nvidia GeForce GTX MidRange Laptop Video Card

Otherwise I am afraid to be pretty stuck where I am right now am I?

Per the link below, Call of Duty takes up . GB all by itself, which doesnt even leave enough memory for the OS, let alone any graphics no wonder you got such horrible results!

I am thinking about buying a laptop with the following specs

Another important MMORPG title with large players base is DOTA . It is more demanding in terms of hardware for smooth gameplay than League of Legends, so you have to dial down settings quite a bit. The best DOTA experience on Intels HD appears to be with resolution set to p , shadow and ure quality on Medium, and advanced graphics features turned off. The settings result in frame rates of around fps. Deult DOTA settings for the GPU at p include antialiasing and other features turned on and shadows and ures set to High. But, the frame rates drop to fps in that case.

TheIntel HD is the most important graphics processing unit for laptops in . Although it isnt a highperformance one, the Intel HD is probably the widest adopted GPU for mobile PCs on the current market, since it is integrated in the popular Intel Core series processors. Precisely, the th Generation Intel Core Broadwell CPUs, such as the iU / iU, iU / U, and iU / U. These chips are used in numerous mainstream, thinandlight, and businessclass laptops, which are primarily designed with everyday home and office computing in mind, rather than highperformance for demanding games and other intensive tasks. Laptops with Broadwell processors currently start at around .

Unfortunately, no. Graphics isnt upgradeable on the Dell Inspiron laptops.

What software you used for recording? Will I have higher fps in real life?

Minecraft is among the top titles on popular PC games charts for years. On the reviewed GPU, it runs very smooth on Fancy high settings, with fps values gravitating toward fps. If you set Minecraft graphics to Fast low, frame rates will reach above fps.

cpu intel core iu dual core, . to . ghz

The recently released Call of Duty Advanced Ware from the same genre needs a beefy computer to enable smooth gameplay. Unfortunately, the game felt choppy on the reviewed GPU, with fps oftentimes hitting below mark, although all details and resolution were set to low. For this game we had to upgrade RAM to GB other games were tested with GB. The game itself consumes nearly GB, plus you need memory for operating system and integrated graphics.

Is there on the market some external video cards that I could hookup on my system to overwrite the HD or complete it? Something that could upgrade my graphic power to the level of for example AMD Radeon HD / NVIDIA Geforce GTX ? Similarly as I do to extend my datas storage with a Seagate but in this case it would be about Graphic performance improvement.

Thanks for reading eventually sharing your thoughts

Nvidia GeForce GTX M MidRange Laptop Video Card

Your review is rendered meaningless by the ct that you only have GB of memory in your test machine.

The HD is not a gamingclass graphics solution, but still you can play many games on it. We tested some of the games, you can check them out under the description on this . The test was done on an Acer laptop, but performance shouldnt differ much on the Dell series, since they have the same core components. If you have dualchannel RAM instead of single channel ie two GB RAM sticks instead of a single GB youll have somewhat better performance than described in our review.

For FIFA ns, its worth noting the latest release FIFA can be played on Intels integrated GPU, but only at minimal settings. At p, graphics quality set to low, and antialiasing turned off.

Gaming experience on the cc will be very similar, since it has the same CPU.popular product reviewsIntel HD Review Integrated Graphics of th Gen Core USeries CPUs

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Arielle sort de sa torpeur, et le plus docilement du monde, commence lcher la chaussure de sa professeure. Elle ne laisse rien au dtail. Par la suite, Julie se glisse dans le dos de sa protge, satisite, et regarde son postrieur avec convoitise.

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XTECH Bobby Joey Boomstar Speaker Stereo

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Stereo D Home Video Projectors with Built In Speakers,

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Audio Tech Stereo MP Player Headphones Earbuds,

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boomstar reviewPatchman Music

boomstar reviewPatchman MusicPATCHMAN MUSIC SE/SEX Volume includes all of the popular classic vorites such as House, Rave, Rap, and Moog Basses, Winwood Lead, Lyle Lead, Chicks Lead, Cars Sync Lead, Berlin Bass, Science Bass, Ocean Fuzz Bass, Billie Jean Bass, Vogue Bass, and much much more! These are THE authentic analog sounds that youve always expected from the SE/SEX. Make the most of your SE/SEX with these professional sounds and see what youve been missing. This soundbank contains Pro Patches. stars.

SE/SEX Volume Audio Demo . megsClick on the speaker to download a high quality MP audio demo of this soundbank. This audio demo contains numerous short segments recorded from the SE. Weve added a touch of reverb to add some space. More than half of the sounds in this soundbank are featured in order in this MP. The first half of the demo are leads, the second half are basses.Audio Demo Help

FormatsThis soundbank is available as a Sy .SYX file and Standard Midifile .MID for Mac/PC. You will get both formats with your order. Clickherefor a general explanation of the various formats.

The SE sounds are wicked and real phat that I bought earlier this month from you. Let me know when you do another bank for the SE. Thanks again and you do some hellacious programming, my friend. Real quality work and very musical sounds!

I had an opportunity to load these sounds into my SE. Right On Target!!! They are going to save me a lot of programming time.

Ultra Sync Reso Noise Ld Duh Moog Bass Talking Lead Ring Lead Moog Bass Voxy Lead Metal Lead Moog Bass Lyle Lead!! OBArp Lead Fuzz Bass Cars Sync Lead Granular Anal.Bass Winwood Lead Thunderbird OW Bass Rockford Lead Total Inversion s Moog Bass Cop Show Lead PulsenRing Arpeggio Bass Safety Dance Stick Ring Lead House Bass Chicks Lead Sticky Lead House Bass Mean th Ld. AT AnaGuitar Rave Bass Patchman Lead Guitarish Lead Vogue Bass Modular Reso LD Frazzle Science Bass Modular Lead Boiler Dolby Bass Monster Lead Computer Lead Puffy Bass Killer Lead Theramin Billy Jean Bass Rubber Lead Brappe Ocean Fuzz Bass ARP Lead Staccato Sync Billies Bass Classic Lead High Strings Ballad Bass Vocal Lead Orchestral Modular Bass Funky Talker Super Brite Str Modular Bass Square Lead Synth Clarinet Classic Bass Hawkes Squares Synth Trumpet Sequencer Bass MegaTaurus Osc Dim Chord Upright Bass Million Lead Osc Maj Lead! Fretless Bass No Osc. Lead!! Cool Chord Synth Fretless Super Lead MW Perfect ths Birdland Bass Supet Lead Perfect ths Berlin Bass Sync Lead MW Perfect Major Ringer Bass Basso Lead THX? Industrial Bass Sassy Lead Korg POLY Whap! Bass Reso Noise Ld Mean Lead/Bass Human League Bs Reso Noise Ld THE Moog Bass Rap Bass

Check out the INCREDIBLE PATCHMAN TURBO VL Upgrade Chip for the Yamaha VLm

Analog Essentials PATCHMAN MUSIC Pro Patches Volume for the Studio Electronics SE and SEX contains all of the classic analog synth leads and superphat basses that were omitted from the presets. Youve invested in the worlds finest bass and lead synth now load it up with the worlds finest bass and lead patches programmed by expert sound designerMatt Traum! This soundbank is loaded with outstanding synth basses, synth leads, chorded leads, analog emulations, specialty patches, and more.

PATCHMAN MUSIC Pro Patches for the Studio Electronics SE and SEX take over where the SEs presets left off. These patches fill in all the gaps that were missing in the ctory SE/SEX presets. There are a total of Patches of the highest quality sounds available for the finest analog bass and lead synth ever! These are all new and original, professional quality sounds.

Dear Patchman, recent studies show that your SE sound bank is sufficiently dope to rock the MUTHA outta my SEX. Much thanks for your studious attention to detail. You are truly a vibemonkey of the highest degree. The crew sends many thanks and wishes you well in your efforts to f* with the funk. Best regards.

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Studio Electboomstar reviewronics Boomstar synth with Moog ladder filter

Watch the rave review of the Boomstar and SE by Nick Batt from Product SpecsConditionVery Good UsedBrandStudio ElectronicsModelBoomstar FinishBlackCategoriesAnalog SynthsYearMade InUnited StatesVideoAudioAbout The Seller

I am selling this synth because I travel a lot and therefore prefer working with plugins. Its however a great piece of gear with lots of hands on control and classic analog sound.

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The synth is in very good condition; practically flawless paintwork and all the knobs and buttons work fine.

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