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Our studio connects our clients with our company’s exceptional talent in original entertainment property development, character design, illustration, animation and scriptwriting.
We produce and design characters, posters, packaging, CD & DVD covers, video game packaging, and so much more.
Our artists are dedicated to art and craft of traditional and 3D character design, and are masters at creating rich, unique art.
Our studio has mastered a large variety of house, classical, and unique styles that will give your company, property or product the star quality it deserves.

Entertainment Property Development:

•Property Development
•Property Branding
•Property Licensing Consultation

Studio Art, Design & Production:

•2D Animation
•Corporate Mascots
•Original Character Design
•Script & Story Writing
•World Maps
•Poster Designs
•Package Design
•Original Comics

Verve Boomstar Resource

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“Broadcasters around the world are eager to introduce new comedy content in their schedules and I am confident that Rocket Monkeys will be one of the most popular series among the MIPCOM Jr. new program entrants,” says Brian Lacey, EVP International, 4Kids Entertainment. “The show’s contemporary graphic look, combined with fast-paced comedy that arises from the conflict between the obsessive compulsive Gus and the free-spirited Wally will be endearing to viewers everywhere.”
“4Kids Entertainment is involved in the distribution, development, production, adaptation and/or post-production of television programming for kids. Original 4Kids productions include several seasons of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series and three seasons of Chaotic. With 4Kids Productions also handling the adaptation for series such as Dinosaur King and Yu-Gi-Oh!, the company participates in the production of some 350 episodes of television annually. This year’s program highlights include Rocket Monkeys, a new animated comedy series starring a pair of NOSA trained ‘monkeynauts’ on a hilarious outer-space adventure; a new season of the popular Chaotic series, Chaotic: Secrets of the Lost City; and new episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds. Additionally, 4Kids Entertainment will introduce TMNT 25th Anniversary Special Event: Turtles Forever, an 81-minute original production full of twists, turns and more ninja turtles than ever seen before.”

-Brian Lacey, Executive VP, International